Monday, 11 July 2011

Gurgaon Based Builder's Fraud, Victims Cry Foul

Amidst the entire hullabaloo with scams from almost every nook and corner of the country, there is one more significant addition to the whole malice. The Gurgaon builder, Ashok Mahendroo who collected Rs. 30 crore from almost 40 odd people is no new news. The builder collected this money from people saying that he’s going to construct 25-storeyed business centre on Mumbai and will allot them commercial flats in it. Though, he did not even lay the foundation stone, let alone the whole building!

Investigations have exposed that Mahendroo’s company ‘OZO Media Estate Ltd.’ had submitted a two-floor plan to Mumbai Municipal Corporation in 2006. But after that they have sold spaces for as many as 26 floors!

There was a mixture of people who fell prey into paying money for this scandalous idea. People from Delhi, NRIs, group of companies and eminent socialites like Uma Gajapati Raju. Mahendroo didn’t even construct the proposed two floors.

Some of the people who complained and registered a case against the “builder” are:

Mrs. Uma Gajapati Raju and Romesh Sharma, Gurgaon
Dr. Satish Bhatia & Mrs. Saroj Bhatia, Gurgaon
Mrs Sunita Behl, New Delhi
Satya Pal Anand, New Delhi
Anil Kohli, New Delhi
Alka Arora, New Delhi.
Ms. Kavita Gautam, New Delhi
Mrs. Neelam Anand and RM Anand, New Delhi
Balvinder Singh (a resident of Singapore)
Rohit Anand (resident of Jakarta, Indonesia).
Manmohan Kapur and Mrs. Neena Kapur, (resident at Dubai, UAE).
Mrs.Purnima Kohli (resident of Russia)

With these people moving to court to get justice, there has been a lot of movement in order to get justice for the affected people. It was so well planned, according to Mahendroo OZO media had a collaboration with a textile company called M/s Champak Textile Pvt Ltd. This textile company said to have a 2128 sq.m. plot in Andheri West, Mumbai. This was the plot which Mahendroo used as a bait to catch the targets. The flats were sold at diverse rates from 14-15 lacs, and the money was paid in installments from Jan, 2006. The building was supposed to take two years to complete and hence the buyers kept paying the installments. But in the beginning of 2007, some of the buyers started suspecting the whole plot and reached to the municipal corporation to get an in-depth detail. This somehow became the starting of their worst nightmares, as they found out that the builder only had permission to build just two floors. This soon became an example of one of the biggest examples of scam and disbelief in Delhi/ NCR region. Actions are still ongoing and the law is yet to clench its claws tight on the thugs.